Orions Embrace Full Logo

Get ready to be wowed! Time to spill the tea on my latest brainwave - Orion's Embrace, the future Community Interest Company that's about to take the world by storm!

This snazzy venture is our ticket to a treasure trove of funding, unlocking endless possibilities for all the cool adventures we have in store.

Imagine a cosy hangout where people can swing by for a chat, sip on tea, and bask in positive vibes. Workshops, meditations, and a touch of magic are all on the horizon.

And guess what? I'm on a mission to offer affordable or even free goodies like reiki and healing sessions to those who could use a little extra TLC.

But hey, turning this dream into reality won't be a walk in the park! We're gearing up for some serious fundraising action - cue donations, tombolas, raffles, and a splash of good old-fashioned crowdfunding.

Let's join forces and make Orion's Embrace sparkle like a shooting star! 🌟