Giving small local holistic and craft businesses a chance to shine by hosting weekly fairs where they can showcase their unique services and products.


Hey there, I'm Jenny, the brains behind Orion Events! Imagine a world where small holistic and crafty businesses shine brightly, each offering their unique magic to the community. Alongside Shan Beckett from Lyra Tarot, we embarked on our journey of spiritual wellness and craft fairs at Waterloo Park, Norwich, in July 2022.
As we fast forward to today, our magical events have become a weekly staple in Norwich, Norfolk, and we've even expanded our reach into the enchanting landscapes of Suffolk!
With the invaluable support of Amy Pye from Hocus Pocus Apothecary, Orion Events has evolved beyond just fairs. We now host spiritual gatherings, mediumship nights, and are gearing up for the ultimate experience - the 'Calm at the Barn Festival' at Stonham Barns Park, Suffolk. This extravaganza promises a plethora of delights, from stalls and music to workshops, meditations, kids' activities, men's wellness sessions, and much more!
We are also working on my latest brainwave - Orion's Embrace.
Imagine a cosy hangout where people can swing by for a chat, sip on tea, and bask in positive vibes. Workshops, meditations, and a touch of magic are all on the horizon.
And guess what? I'm on a mission to offer affordable or even free goodies like reiki and healing sessions to those who could use a little extra TLC.
But hey, turning this dream into reality won't be a walk in the park!
We're gearing up for some serious fundraising action - cue donations, tombolas, raffles, and a splash of good old-fashioned crowdfunding. Let's join forces and make Orion's Embrace sparkle like a shooting star! 
So, what are you waiting for? Come join us at our events, immerse yourself in the positive energy, and embark on a spiritual adventure with us!
Orion Events - where the journey to magic begins within... See you there!
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